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Specialist experts

We're raising the standard of administration for pension funds of all sizes in the UK.

We are pensions people

Our team focuses on provision of services and tools to ensure that you can maintain the standards of good governance required to meet your long-term goals. We are unique in being a ‘pure player’, specialising solely in delivering securities services so that you can have confidence that you are working with a committed, knowledgeable and transparent partner.

Because we're specialists, free from the mass of other products and services, we're better placed to keep up with change in the industry. Our core focus in the UK is the pension fund sector. We have developed a deep understanding of the challenges that our pension fund clients face. At a time of increasing regulatory complexity for pension funds, their trustees and advisers in the UK, you need to be confident that your needs are at the core of your securities services provider’s business.

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Pat Sharman

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Pat Sharman

Managing Director - UK Branch
+44 207 153 3660