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Our History

KAS BANK was founded in Amsterdam in 1806 when the first large banking business, "Associatie Cassa", was established by Messrs. Borski, Voombergh and Bondt in a private house at Keizersgracht 132. Jacob van Geuns and Bartholomeus van der Hoolck Broes were the first Managing Directors.

In 1986, the then “KAS Associatie” was publicly listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange for the first time. This coincided with the launch of the first UK activity of KAS Associatie and KAS Clearing London in 1987. Since 1990, KAS has had a branch in London, dedicated to servicing the UK market. Initially focused on transaction banking clients, the London office is now committed to building a successful pensions franchise in the UK.

To reflect the company’s core business of traditional banking services, we rebranded as KAS BANK in 2002. In the same year, KAS BANK launched a German branch, creating the three home markets we are committed to today.

We are regulated in The Netherlands by De Nederlandse Bank as our home state regulator and the Financial Conduct Authority as our host state regulator in the UK.

Leveraging our history and European knowledge, we develop innovative new tools that have made us market leaders in The Netherlands and a true specialist in the UK and Germany.

'Combining tradition with innovation to prepare for the future'

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Pat Sharman

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Pat Sharman

Managing Director - UK Branch
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