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KAS BANK’s credit rating periodically reviewed by Standard and Poor’s

On 16 November 2012, Standard & Poor's (S&P) took various rating actions on commercial banks in The Netherlands. These actions were the result of S&P’s view that Dutch banks are exposed to increased economic risks as a result of a potentially more protracted downturn in The Netherlands and wider eurozone. The credit ratings of various Dutch banks were downgraded. Three banks a.o. KAS BANK were not downgraded but placed under CreditWatch Negative.

04 dec 2012

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S&P expects to resolve the CreditWatch in the coming weeks once they have gathered additional information about the impact of increasing risk on the bank’s business position. For more information on these rating actions we refer to the following reports published by S&P:

- Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: The Netherlands (16 November 2012) (opens as PDF).
- Various rating actions taken on Dutch Banks due to increases economic risks (16 November 2012) (opens as PDF).

KAS BANK’s credit rating is periodically reviewed by credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P). KAS BANK manages its high creditworthiness by using the balance sheet only for collateralized client related activities. The bank’s low risk profile is consistent with the bank’s ‘pure play’ strategy, with the bank’s role as reliable partner within the financial infrastructure in the Netherlands and with the expectations of all stakeholders of KAS BANK. This has resulted in strong risk control and monitoring systems as well as a sound capital and liquidity position. The current rating of KAS BANK reflects the bank’s healthy capital and funding position and low risk profile.

Long-term credit rating: A-
Outlook long-term credit rating: CreditWatch Negative
Short-term credit rating: A-2

Latest RatingDirect Report S&P on KAS BANK (16 November 2012) (opens as PDF).

For further information on the ratings and methodologies used, please visit the website of S&P.

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