KAS BANK Insurer Monitor: 24/7 access to the Key Performance Indicators of your investment portfolio

What do our clients say?

I am particularly excited about the user-friendly operation of the Insurer Monitor and flexibility for each user or user group to create insights to measure. This will further ease the determination of our exposures and the calculation of the Solvency II related risks.
The dashboard has great added value as we can see at a glance if our assets are in control.
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Realtime management information

 Depending on the areas in which KAS BANK services you, the Insurer Monitor offers 6 modules: 

  • Performance: an overview of the current performance of your portfolios relative to relevant benchmarks.
  • Risk: ex-post risk figures relevant to your organisation, such as tracking error and information ratio. 
  • Compliance: shows violations with respect to the investment policy set. For example, our ethical investment screening shows violation of the statutory prohibition on direct investments in cluster munitions. This is also customisable to your individual requirements. 
  • Holdings: shows the total market value of your assets and provides the opportunity to ‘slice and dice’ your portfolio in multiple ways. 
  • Solvency II: This module shows the relevant information for market risk and QRT (AS reports). 
  • Costs: shows the relative costs (management and transaction costs) compared to the budgeted cost of the current calendar year, in bps and in real-terms.

More information

For a demonstration of the Insurer Monitor at your office, please contact your dedicated relationship manager, or alternatively:

More information
For a demonstration of our Insurer Monitor at your office, please contact your dedicated relationship manager, or alternatively:

Patricia Sharman
Managing Director, KAS BANK UK Branch London
T: +44 20 7153 3660
E: pat.sharman@kasbank.com  

We are pleased to inform you that the KAS BANK Insurer Monitor is available in Apple’s App store and in Google Play (entry: KAS BANK Monitor) as from now. After you have downloaded and activated the app you can start working with the Insurer Monitor right away. To install the desktop version we kindly ask you to contact your client manager at KAS BANK.

The Insurer Monitor provides round the clock access to the Key Performance Indicators of your investment portfolio in addition to a wide range of management information, enabling you to remain Solvency II compliant whilst navigating today’s global financial markets.

The Insurer Monitor: added value for all your stakeholders

  • Insight into the risks of your investments based on your own KPIs
  • Independent review of the performance of your asset managers
  • Monitoring of your investment restrictions and supportive of your corporate social responsibility policy
  • Support in reducing your market, counterparty and operational risk
  • You can create tables and customised reports on risk and compliance information with ease, as many functions are completely customisable
  • One information portal on your PC, laptop or tablet 

Customisation for different users/user groups

Trustees, Finance & Control, Risk and other insurer departments have different information needs. That is why the different users can use the intuitive interface to create tailor-made graphic presentations, tables and reports, in accordance with their own needs – from high-level KPIs and management information for trustees, to information at the line and transaction level for the financial administration.

We combine realtime data about your investments with information on your cash flows to comprehensive risk and compliance monitoring information. This gives you 24/7 insight into the key data and management information relating to your investment portfolio (s).

Based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can make your asset managers’ performance transparent, check whether the portfolio managers adhere to the agreed investment restrictions, and actively contribute to the formulation and monitoring of your ESG/CSR policy.

The Insurer Monitor also shows your exposures in currencies, sectors and counterparties at the tap of a screen, including a look-through tool, allowing you to look under the bonnet of both in-house and external investment funds. All information is also displayed graphically and can be easily exported and saved in Excel.