Security warning: about KAS International

Fraudulent Lottery prizes paid by KAS International
KAS International (aka KAS BANK International) is mentioned in spam e-mails announcing that the addressee is a winner in the Microsoft Lottery. There is no Microsoft Lottery. This is a scam. Every name, contact, number or document in this respect is false and fraudulent. If one answers such emails, the people behind this scam will order you to pay upfront to collect your prize. Once an upfront payment is received, the matter comes to an end, as there is no lottery prize.

KAS BANK N.V. is in no way connected to KAS (BANK) International which is not a brand name nor subsidiary. KAS BANK does not use free email providers. KAS BANK does not ask for personal data through email.

Learn more on fraud through website spoofing and email scams in the Security section.


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